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Monastero San Leonardo - Villa del Palco

Prato (Tuscany, Italy)

June 18th - June 23rd 2017

( http://dse.univr.it/ssdev/ )

Lectures by

Francesco AMODIO, McGill University, Montreal

Improving Regulatory Transparency in Business Tax Collection: An RCT in the Kyrgyz Republic


Jean Marie BALAND, University of Namur

Household Bargaining in Developing Countries


Giacomo DE GIORGI, Geneva School of Economics and Management


Karen MACOURS, Paris School of Economics

Measuring Skills in Developing Countries


Maria Pia MENDOLA, University of Milano-Bicocca

Family Size, Sibling Rivarly and Migration: Evidence from Mexico


Peter LANJOUW, VU University, Amsterdam

A Village, a Country and the Discipline: Economic Development in Palanpur over Seven Decades


Gianmarco LEON, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona


Andrew F. NEWMAN, Boston University

All Together Now: Integration, Delegation and Management


Furio ROSATI, UCW - Understanding Children's Work

Human Capital Accumulation and Labour Market Outcomes

Learning Lab by

Toman BARSBAI, Kiel Institute for the World Economy


Maurizio BUSSOLO, World Bank


Gero CARLETTO, LSMS - World Bank
The LSMS Data Base: Opportunity for Research


Piero CONFORTI, FAO of the United Nations
The FAO/Rural Living Standard Data Base: Opportunity for Research


Jean MERCENIER, Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2


Lorenzo GUARCELLO, UCW - Understanding Children's Work

The UCW Database: Opportunity for Research

Giovanni VECCHI, University of Rome Tor Vergata, CEIS
Poverty and Inequality in Retrospect within a Developing Country Context: Opportunity for Research


Focus by

Pasquale Lucio SCANDIZZO, University of Rome Tor Vergata, CEIS

Papers presented by