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2014, November 24th to 25th

International Seminar

Innovation, Globalisation and Firm Dynamics

This book is about the relationship between firm dynamics, innovation and globalization, the processes that are essential for long term economic growth and welfare creation. The volume deals with these three issues in three sections titled respectively: entrepreneurship, new firm formation and growth; productivity-innovation-growth nexus; globalization, multinational firms and producers' dynamics. The use of micro-data and the treatment of new econometric methods are cutting edges of the book. The approach adopted is both theoretical and empirical with consideration of paradigmatic case studies in Europe, Africa and Asia, providing new evidence on developed, developing and transition economies in a comparative perspective. The text responds to a growing concern among scholars, professionals, and policy makers over the recent decades about firm ability to survive and compete in a context of increasing competition. The book is a useful reading for scholars and students concerned with industry development, public policy and globalization, as well as to all those involved professionally in such issues.

Organizing Board

Adalgiso AMENDOLA, Sergio Pietro DESTEFANIS, Marcello D'AMATO, Anna Maria FERRAGINA, Erol TAYMAZ, Marco VIVARELLI, Kamil YILMAZ

Authors presentations
Authors presentations
  • Khalid SEKKAT, Université Libre de Bruxelles - "Does Competition Affect Efficiency in Developing Countries? A Firm Level Analysis"
  • Giulio BOTTAZZI, Sant'Anna University, Pisa -"What does (or does not) determine persistent corporate high growth?", with Stefano BIANCHINI and Federico TAMAGNI
  • Kamil YILMAZ, Koç University, Istanbul -"Estimating the Cost Function and the Mark-ups Using Plant level Data for the Turkish Manufacturing Industry" with Erol TAYMAZ
  • Maryse LOUISE, Femise Programme Manager - Brainstorming on possible future actions and activities under different hypotheses for funded research opportunities.


2013, October 17th - 18th

YOUtH Workshop"Youth and their future: Work, Education and Health"

The research group "Youth at Work" is organizing its Fifth Workshop on the topic: "Youth and their future": Work, Education and Health". The high unemployment rate of young people is one of, if not the, most serious social problems in Europe as well as in Italy. In the OECD, 26 million young people aged 15-24 years are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and the ILO estimates that youth unemployment has increased by 30% since 2007. In response, above-all to the increases in long-term unemployment amongst young people and the dangers of a lost generation, in February 2013 the European Council began promoting the introduction of "Youth Guarantee" programmes in the EU focused on Active Labour Policy Market (ALPM) and more generally on links between education and labour market. The experiences of young people in the labour market as well as other choices made relatively early on in life - for example regarding lifestyle (dietary habits, drugs, alcohol) - are likely to have important long-term consequences. We encourage you to submit a paper within the general theme of the determinants and/or consequences of Young people's choices in the context of an uncertain future: for example, covering areas such as, patterns of labour market entry, the effects of ALMP's, educational choices, lifestyle choices and risky behaviours. 


Gianluigi COPPOLA, Shane Niall O'HIGGINS

Papers Presented

Giovanni S. F. BRUNO, Enrico MARELLI, Marcello SIGNORELLI - The rise of NEET and Youth Unemployment in EU regions after the crisis

Lara GITTO, Leo Fulvio MINERVINI, Luisa MONACO - Youth and their future: Work, Education and Health

Larysa MINZYUK, Felice RUSSO - Gender peer effect in classroom: Evidence from Italian primary

Chiara MUSSIDA, Dario SCIULLI - Reforms at the margin and labour market segmentation: Evidence from non-employment duration distribution

Guido CAVALCA - Scientific debate on young people in transition and its policies implications: to NEET or not to NEET?

Federica ROCCISANO - On intergenerational mobility in Italy: What a difficult future for young


2003 Septembre12th - 13th

I Summer Workshop on Labour Economics NAIRU: the State of the Art 


Sergio Pietro DESTEFANIS, Vania SENIA

Stephen NICKELL, Oxford University

LSE: European Unemployment: Successes and Failures

Discussant Raquel FONSECA, Università di Salerno


Silvia FABIANI, Centro Ricerche della Banca d'Italia

A System Approach for Measuring the Euro Area NAIRU

Discussant Carlo ALTAVILLA, Università di Napoli Parthenope


Patrizio TIRELLI, Università di Milano Bicocca

Monetary Policy, Wage Negotiations and the Disciplining Action of the Central Bank

Discussant Marcello D'AMATO, Università di Salerno


Peter SKOTT, University of Massachusetts

Fairness as a Source of Hysteresis in Employment and Relative Wages

Discussant Giuseppe RUSSO, Università di Salernoi


Dennis SNOWER, Birkbeck College

A Reappraisal of the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff

Discussant Francesco PASTORE - SUN II Università di Napoli