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Palazzo Voi - Prato (Tuscany, Italy)

June 20th - June 23rd 2016


Lectures by

Sonia BHALOTRA, University of Essex

Fertility, Mortality Risk and Returns to Human Capital: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from 20th Century America


Martina BJöRKMAN NYQVIST, Stockholm School of Economics

The impact of gender equality and knowledge on child and maternal health and nutrition in Uganda


Maurizio BUSSOLO, World Bank

Growth, Income Distribution and Poverty: How General Equilibrium Analysis Can Help Studying Their Linkages?


Michael CARTER, University of California - Davis

RCT impact evaluation of small farm development programs


Ian COXHEAD, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Globalization and Development: The Labor Market Channel

Gaurav DATT, Monash University

On measuring multidimensional poverty


Rocco MACCHIAVELLO, University of Warwick

The Industrial Organization of Agricultural Chains: the Case of Coffee


Andrew F. NEWMAN, Boston University

Career Women and the Durability of Marriage (with Claudia Olivetti)


Sujata VISARIA, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Distributive Impacts of Microloans for Smallholder Agriculture


Papers presented by

Caterina ALACEVICH, Pompeu Fabra University
Parental Employment Shocks


Marie BOLTZ, University of Namur
Risk of Polygamy and Wife Saving Behavior


Andrea BONFATTI, University of Padova
Do Fiscal Rules Reduce the Political Cycle?


Adrien BOUGUEN, University of Mannheim 
Marginal Returns to Pre-schooling


A. CHAKRAVARTY, Univeersity of Essex
Democracy and Demography


Diana CONTRERAS SUAREZ, Monash University
Conditional Cash Transfers


J. GARS, Pompeu Fabra University
Confidence and Information Usage: Evidence from Soil Testing in India


Vilas GOBIN, Monash University
Poverty Graduation with Cash Transfers


Heidi K. KAILA, University of Copenhagen
Adoption of Mobile Phones in Vietnam


Margaryta KLYMAK, Trinity College - Dublin
Trade impacts of Arming and Shaming of Forced and Child Labor


Andreas MENZEL, University of Warwick
Organisational Learning


Maria NARANJO, Wageningen University
Credit, Insurance and Farmers' Liability


Rajesh RAMACHANDRAN, Goethe University
Linguistic Diversity, Official Language Choice and Nation Building


Maria Isabel SANTANA, University of Mannheim
Measuring Trust and Institutions


Namatie TRAORE, University Wisconsin - Madison
Effects of Temperature Shocks on Firm Productivity

Joseph VECCI, University of Gothenburg
The Fairer Sex?


Mimi XIAO, National University of Ireland
Intergenerational Transmission of Adiposity